These are awards that users can earn from clan leadership for winning events, good spirit, and other clan related activities. If you have an award on this page, feel free to add it to your user page and flash it as much as you like. Some awards also include a uniform tag. The tags show how this award can be placed on your uniform. Some awards, like the Champion award, are moved around and can only be owned by one user at a time. Other awards, like the Race winners, are temporary and will be removed over time, but can be earned again when available. Show good spirit, and stay active in the clan, and you will have a good list of awards in no time.


Member Awards
9The Enigma9 Racer
Bruxacosmica Racer
Vex Racer
Ssswizmig Champion

Uniform tags

Campion: Gloves (red) Gloves red

Race Winner: Gloves (Gold; Award lasts for 1 month) Gloves yellow

Warlord: Black Platebody (Award may be lost over time or advanced) (to those with special positions, use the rune version of the item in question in place of the black platebody)

Imperial Warlord: Black Platebody (T) (see above)
Corporal Warlord: Black platebody (G) (award may be lost over time)

All Awards

Award Requirements
Champion Defeat Ssswizmig in combat
Racer attend the race events.
WarlordImperial WarlordCorporal Warlord Show massive pwnage in cw. minor pwnage gets Ruby (warlord). More pwnage gets Diamond (Imperial Warlord) and Major Pwnage gets Onyx (Corporal Warlord).