Blades are a how we measure your standing in the clan. Blades can be given out at events for showing good conduct, and shown here is the number of blades that you have. Once you have the right number of blades, you may request to be ranked up, but this is not 100%. When a rank is achieved, the number of blades is reset. If you get -5 black blades (given for poor conduct), you will be demoted. Septums are used to keep track of how you do as far as game wins. Seeing as how the number of times you win games does not show how worthy you are of getting a promotion, septums are used in place of blades in recreational situations. You may gamble septums with other clan members in a duel, as if like a clan currency. You may also haggle with the two clan Generals asking to use septums in place of other rewards (like running your own event, using the QBot for your own needs, and other fun things.)

If you would like to Gamble septums, you may so so on this pages talk.

Black dagger Represents -1 blade

Rune dagger Represents +1 blade

Corrupt-dagger Represents +5 blades

Dragon-dagger Represents +10 blades

Septum is the Septum symbol


Recruit Blades (5 for next rank) Septums
Ssswizmig --None-- Septum = 270
Scimitar77 --None-- Septum = 200
Oli4burggraa Rune daggerRune daggerRune dagger Septum = 230
A 2002 --None-- Septum = 200
Khalym95 --None-- Septum = 200
Oli4burggraa --None-- Septum = 200
Water Kunai1 Rune daggerRune dagger Septum = 300
Corporal Blades (10 for next rank) Septums
-- -- --
Sergeant Blades (15 for next rank) Septums
9the Enigma9 --None-- Septum = 575
Lieutenant Blades (30 for final rank) Septums
-- -- --
Captain Black Blades Septums
-- -- --
General Blades Septums
Stelercus Dragon-dagger x ∞ Septum =
Jack Spiral1 Dragon-dagger x ∞ Septum =
Bruxacosmica Dragon-dagger x ∞ Septum =