List of positions Edit

A list of positions, who fills them, and what rank they are.

Site Graphics master Edit

9the Enigma9


Rank: Sergeant
Combat level: 77
Preferred Combat Class: Mage
Wiki Rank: Sysop (Administrator)
Joined: Saturday, August 8th, 2009
Other info: Site Graphics Master, First member.

Enigma has been a faithfull creator of graphics on this site. He created the (amazing) logo, the skin, and several site templates. He is also the first member of the clan. The Job of the graphics master is to produce any images/templates needed for the site and installing them. Because of this, the graphics master has sysop status and is permitted to wear the blue version of the uniform as opposed to black. if anyone has any graphics that need be uploaded to the site that require sysop status, please pass them by him.

Quarter Master Edit



Rank: Recruit
Combat level: 100 (94+6)
Preferred Combat Class: Hybrid
Wiki Rank: User
Joined: Monday, August 11th, 2009
Other info: "Water Kunai1" in game. Quarter Master.

The job of the Quarter Master is to sell food, potions, runes, arrows, and other supplies needed to other members of the clan. Please note that this user does not have unlimited inventory space and may give you the items noted and that you must buy the items at full price.