The clan uniform consists of priest gowns, a Black wizard hat, Magic staff (the black one) and a team-43 cape, plus a necklace and/or other objects depending on rank.

Recruit: Standard uniform and a gold necklace (not a necklace with a gem)

Corporal: Standard uniform and a sapphire necklace

Sergeant: Standard uniform and an emerald necklace

Lieutenant: Standard uniform and a ruby necklace

Captain: Standard uniform and a diamond necklace

Special positions: Blue wizard robes without a trim, all other items remain the same and relevent to the rank.

General uniforms need not be documented on this page


When you raise your septum count, you will be able to change the staff that you use.

1000+ = Water staff (blue is saphire color ;)

2000+ = Earth staff (what do you think?)

3000+ = Fire staff (lul ruby)

5000+ = Air staff (zomgers d|a|\/|0|\|D!!!)

Infinate = Talismen staff (=O generals only. rofl pwned you noobs.)

What should the name Mediawiki:common.css/hilite color be for the diamond rank?

The poll was created at 22:47 on November 10, 2009, and so far 9 people voted.

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